Harvest Begins

Harvest has finally begun on Isbell Farms.

Harvest this year began the second week of September, which is about a month later than the norm for us. This was due to the late planting that resulted from the frequent spring rains. So far, harvest weather has been very good, so we are hopeful to make continued progress as the crop continues to mature. At the moment, we are in a brief intermission — hoping to start back up in a few days — while we await more fields to reach final maturity and the appropriate dryness for harvest.

If you look closely, you may notice that we harvest in a circle. Why? Harvesting in a circle provides more efficiency, allowing the combines to continue in the crop for longer without having to stop and turn around. This also allows the grain-cart to more easily locate and access the combine so that the grain can be carried out of the field as the combine continues its work. Another added benefit is that this provides any wildlife in the field to have easy access to the exterior of the field as the combine harvest the crop.

Here is a picture of the rice as it flows through the combine: