About Us

Isbell Farms is a multi-generational family rice farm located in Central Arkansas with a focus on the sustainable production of quality rice. Five generations have now farmed rice on Isbell Farms, and rice has been in cultivation here for over 70 years.

We are committed to continuing the sustainable production of safe and quality rice with a focus on:

  • Safety and respect for workers, our community, and our consumers.
  • Continued conservation and environmental stewardship.
  • Transparency to the public.
  • Strong collaboration with the research community.
  • Economic viability for future generations.

Among our core principles are continual curiosity and persistent research, and these have led to a number of innovations over the years, including Zero Grade Farming, pioneering new markets, and sustainable rice production methods that reduce water use , energy use, and mitigate methane emissions.

We are the proud recipients of the 2016 Commitment to Quality Award from the American Carbon Registry for our efforts in sustainable rice production.

Rice is a major world food source, contributing 20% of the world’s calories (IRRI). Arkansas produces over half of the rice produced in the United States. Currently, almost 3000 acres of rice is produced on our farms.

Though our farm is commonly referred to as Isbell Farms, we do business as Zero Grade Farms, a family partnership.

Family partners include: Chris Isbell, Judy Isbell, Mark Isbell, Shane Isbell and Jeremy Jones.