Isbell Farms has always viewed research as vital to the long-term health of our industry.

In addition to our self-directed, on-farm research program we maintain here at Isbell Farms, we also host several other research projects on our farm and count it our responsibility to encourage and facilitate research that leads toward the continual development of the rice industry and a continued focus on sustainability.

Recent and ongoing research projects here at our farm include:

Alternate Wetting and Drying and Greenhouse Gas Emmissions

Carbon Offset Marketing

Rice Tec Variety Trials

Beneficial use of Algae in Rice Production Systems

Links to some of the researchers who have conducted research on our farm:

Dr. Michelle Reba

Dr. Benjamin Runkle

Dr. Merle Anders

Isbell Farms is also proud to participate  in the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Initiatives Programs and the Conservation Stewardship Program.