Isbell Farms Hosts NRCS Deputy Chief of Programs


Isbell Farms was grateful for the opportunity today to host a group from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) today, including Deputy Chief of Programs Tony Kramer.


Jeremy Jones of Isbell Farms discusses water management and NRCS programs.

NRCS provides a number of programs to farmers to help encourage the adoption of conservation practices. Today, we specifically discussed the EQUIP Climate Change Mitigation program, which encourages farmers to adopt practices that mitigate methane emissions.

Isbell Farms has been the location of ongoing climate research greenhouse gas mitigation projects for a number of years and is now grateful for the opportunity to engage with NRCS programs that encourage these practices.

“I am confident that the solutions to the agricultural issues of tomorrow will be found on farms, with farmers working together with researchers,” said Mark Isbell.  “But I also believe that NRCS programs will play an important role in this process,” he continued.

Jeremy Jones spoke about water management plans for acreage enlisted in these programs.

Also in attendance was climate researcher Dr. Benjamin Runkle, who shared about his work on irrigation practices and Methane emissions in rice production.